Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Incident

This is a movie idea. The story is about two homeless heroin addicts who are best friends. They have been through a lot together and practically share everything. The two friend have a routine which they both follow, this allows them to complete the week in which the are able to survive on food, shelter and their weekly fix of heroin. As weeks go on the couple start to find it hard to comply with the routine and start to struggle with surviving. one week the friends haven't ate much in order to have enough money for their weekly fix. the time come to see how much money their have and their relies they only have enough for one fix. The friend start to fight as who should get the heroin. the fight gets out of hand and one of the friend kills the other and runs off to get his fix. As the adrenaline is pumping through him he quickly injects himself with heroin as he think his friend is right on his tail. later, as he has come 'down ' from his high, he relies what he has done and breaks down. The Movie ends.

I had various approaching in which this could be show. the first was as a documentary, in which the character are telling the audience what they do and how. Another way in which it could be show is in segment, the first introducing the character, the second telling about the routine and finally shows the incident. Yet another approach could be showing it as what happened on the day of the incident, in which we see the character talking about the past and then the incident takes place and audience follows it as it happens.

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