Monday, 12 April 2010

The MilkMan (Storyboarding Idea)

I have a couple of ideas in which the movie (The MilkMan - Previous blog) will be shot.

The first idea will be shot and the story is told using real time, such as Reservoir Dog (1992) or Crank (2006). The story follow them as they prepare to rob the milkman.

Another way the movie could be shot is by using flashback. The movie opens up with the three friend approaching the milkman. the story then uses flashback to tell each of the friend story. It will also show the story of the milkman.

Also the movie could be told using a voice-over as a character device. The story can be old from the point of view of one of the friends. This technique will make the auidence more bias towards the character who is giving the voice-over.

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