Monday, 12 April 2010

The MilkMan

The milkman is a movie idea. It is about three friends who are in debt with a local crime boss and need a quick way to make some money. They decided that they are going to rob The local milkman, who delivers to nearly everyone. They find out the milkman collect all the money on a monthly basis. The milkman makes his money collections rounds on a night and then delivers the milk the following morning. The Three friend think this is a good idea as when he delivers his milk no one is around to see, it is still fairly dark and he will have the money with him from the night before. The three friend agree and are ready to go through with it. They then start to prepare. The day arrives and they are hiding out ready to rob the milkman. The milkman parks his van in a street and carries the milk for the whole street with him. The three friend assume the money will be in the van. They silently break in and quickly realise that the money is not there. They then come to the conclusion that the milkman will have the money on him. They sneak up on the milkman while he is putting the milk down, and without turning around he warns them not to do it if they want to live. The three friend look at each other and start laughing. The Milkman turns around and is attacked by one of the friends he protects himself and breaks his arm with ease. The two another friends panic and in rage another friend attack the milkman, He then again hits the attacker and knocks him out. The last friend standing is amazed and ask him where did he learn to fight like that. The milkman says that it is none of his business and tells him to fight or run. The friend then tells him he sorry and tries to explain why they are doing it. After listening to his reason the milkman laughs. The friend then say 'the hell with it' and they both run to each other, the milkman jumps and delieves a flying kick while the friend goes to punch. The movie ends.

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